Hi there! I’m Marco, the founder of upwithoutwings.com!


This is my home cockpit and aviation blog. If you want to build your own Airbus A320 home cockpit, this is the source you need.

In 2015 I took my first flight in a commercial Airbus A320 Simulator near Karlsruhe/Germany. This great experience led me into the huge topic home cockpit. After a few hours of internet research, I became addicted. I knew that I wanted to have such a thing in my basement!

After two intense years of acquiring knowledge of how an Airbus A320 works, what kind of software to use best, or just how to work with medium density board, I thought it was over time to launch a blog and share my experiences.

I know that there exist a lot of home cockpit blogs out there already, but the fewest show you exactly how to start up, right from the beginning. And this is my mission. My goal is to supply you with all the information you need to build your own home cockpit!

Farther, I will continuously report about the progress of my own home cockpit and share interesting facts about aviation and particularly the Airbus A320 Family. If you have any questions, remarks or you want to contribute to a topic, please don’t hesitate to comment in this blog or contact me via email at: