Hi Guys! Today I’m writing about a major change in my home cockpit project! This will change everything!

Luckily, I had the chance to acquire an OEM Pedestal of an Airbus A321 including Throttle in very good condition! To make it short: I never would have thought that the expercience of OEM parts would be that impressive. Check out the pictures!

Some historical facts

By the serial number I was able to find out, that the Pedestal was lately part of Germania Airlines Aircraft D-ASTW. This Airbus A321-211 took its first flight on 4th Februrary 1999 and was previously part of the Sabena (Belgium) and Nouvelair (Tunesia) Fleet. It ceased operations in February 2019 and was finally scrapped in January 2020.

D-ASTW taking off in DUS / EDDL
D-ASTW taking off from DUS / EDDL in August 2018
Photo Copyright by Björn Huke, hosted on Planespotters.net

Behind this history, it is a fantastic feel to see, explore and touch this wonderful product of engineering expertise. Besides this Pedestal, I also acquired an OEM Engine Start Panel. To me, this led to the basic decision to only use OEM panels from now on. So with some luck, my simulator will become kind of an OEM Airbus again some day 🙂


To integrate the Pedestal into my sim, some preliminary steps need to be taken. Because of the height of the Pedestal, the cockpit floor needs to be lifted by approximately 22cm. So I disassembled the cockpit and used the chance to lay a floor screed in my simulation room first. Besides that, measures are taken to eliminate humidity problems in the room. Of course, a new cockpit floor construction is needed. The new cockpit floor is already digitally constructed and is actually in manufacturing. I will report about this in a separate post very soon.


As I assume that you are itching to get to know from where I got this beautiful part, you shall no longer be put on the rack: The source is AVOEMparts.com from the Netherlands. They offer lots of OEM aircraft teardown parts from Airbus (and Boeing in the future).


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