Many flight simulation enthusiasts are currently looking at the all new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 enviously. If you take a look at the featured image of this post you will understand why. The image represents an inline scene taken from the game – See here for the source and sample screenshots:

Now every home cockpit operator knows that it’s not just plug and play to adapt a fully reworked software onto your home cockpits software and hardware components. As I am frequently receiving questions regarding the compatibility of MS FS 2020 and Jeehell FMGS, I’d like to give you a state of play regarding this.

Check out the interview of Jean-Luc, developer of Jeehell FMGS on

He is giving an insight in the history of his software Jeehell FMGS, some view on his personal career in the aviation industry and answers questions regarding the major challenges he needs to overcome to let MS FS 2020 take off with Jeehell FMGS (at the very end of the article).

Enjoy reading!


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