Hello Guys and Followers,

my last post was in September 2020 – I know 🙁 It’s simply due to a lack of time – and I am really sorry for that!

Now I just read Ben’s fantastic article about 2022 and beyond on his blog soarbywire.com which I loved to read. Please take your time and go through it to have a state of things in Flight Simulation developments, especially regarding Simulation Software – which are absolutely great!

In this matter we apparently see MSFS 2020 slowly but steady taking the lead. This will surely have a big impact on each home cockpit planning – we are currently experiencing exciting times of change! If you are currently planning your home cockpit, my personal recommendation is to hold still for 3 to 6 months until things develop a little further and become clearer bevor you invest.

So for today: Have a good time, a good start in 2022, stay healthy and see you soon! And thanks again for your patience!


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