Hi Guys!

Some time past since my last update – for good reasons. It’s been quite unclear, if I could continue with my project. I had to rethink the whole thing and came to the point, that I have to reduce my demands on realism, to create progress and to avoid loosing myself in details. The main target is now to get the Sim flyable again very soon.

Temporary, the Sim had to move into my garage for some time and I disassembled the Cockpit floor-construction. It needs to be reworked anyway and in the meantime, I layed some laminate on the floor, to have an even ground for later steps.

Currently, I can present at least one good shot of the current status of my Cockpit!

My Homecockpit by January, 2019

My Homecockpit by January, 2019

Steps that are already in process:

  • Setting up a functional visual! You will have another post regardings this within the next weeks
  • Assembling the Parking-Brake Mechanism and Panel

Stay tuned – and thank you very much for your visit!


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